With our mobile app, you won’t forget a thing

Your pharmacist can now follow you wherever you go thanks to this handy new mobile application. Alerts to take your medication, monitoring of your relative's treatment, contraindications, renewals or maps to locate the nearest pharmacy; this tool includes a ton of convenient features to simplify your health.

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Updated September 11, 2013

Which system is the MeAndMyPharmacist application designed for?

The app is available on Apple platforms (on iPad, iPhone and iPod).

In what language is the MeAndMyPharmacist application available?

The app is available in French and English for iPad, iPhone and iPod. Its displayed language is based on the device’s initial configuration. A device that’s set to display in French will be able to download the French version of MeAndMyPharmacist from the App Store, while a device set to English will automatically download the English version.

What do the icons next to the drug names in the list mean?

The icons are intended as a rough representation of the drug’s shape.

What does the word “Inactive” at the top of the drug list mean?

The drugs listed under “Inactive” are drugs that were added to the application but to which no alert has been assigned.

What does the word “Quantity” in a drug’s listing mean?

It refers to total unit quantity—the number of pills to take, for example.