François Alarie


2019 Outstanding Career Achievement Award 

This award has been presented to an owner-pharmacist recognized for her outstanding career. The recipient has distinguished herself through her leadership, ability to innovate, efficient management, integrity and commitment. 

Carole Cyr


2019 Community Pharmacy of the Year Award

This award recognizes the innovation, mobilization and exceptional leadership demonstrated by a team which has made outstanding contributions toward improving the quality of patient services. 

Jennifer Dastous


2019 Owner-pharmacist of Tomorrow Award

This award highlights the innovation, excellence and dedication an owner-pharmacist has demonstrated through the management of his pharmacy and recognizes the benefits of his entrepreneurial endeavour for the profession of owner-pharmacist.

Philippe De Grandpré

2019 Staff Pharmacist of the Year

This award recognizes the excellence of a staff pharmacist who has introduced an outstanding approach in his practice and contributes to the improvement of patient care. Moreover, it recognizes his dedication toward the company’s success.

Pierre-Olivier Bertrand


2019 Hygie Award 

The Hygie Award recognizes pharmacists who possess outstanding records of civic leadership in their communities. It also honours the recipient’s commitment toward his community beyond his professional field, through his work with cultural, sport, religious or charitable organizations.  

The Hygie Award was created in 1958 in the United States by E. Claiborne Robins, Board President of A.H. Robins, so as to encourage pharmacists to take active roles in their community. 

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