The AQPP’s Medication List, created and managed exclusively by the Association québécoise des pharmaciens propriétaires, contains all the medications covered by the Prescription drug insurance plan (RGAM), as well as thousands of other pharmaceutical products and services at the disposal of Quebec’s pharmacies.

It is mainly used for the following purposes:

  • Inform all pharmacist-owners in Quebec of the products available in the province and their corresponding prices;
  • Simplify data updates for pharmacy software developers;
  • Facilitate electronic transactions in pharmacies;
  • Support plan takers in the development of their coverage plans.
    They use it as reference because it contains validated and accurate information. However, the information it contains does not determine the coverage of private plans.

The List is frequently updated, at least once per week on a regular basis, and available to all its subscribers in .TXT and Excel formats.

A continuous improvement process

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Over the past few years, the AQPP’s Medication List has undergone a rigorous improvement process to optimize data management. Thanks to that, it is nowadays considered the most comprehensive database on pharmaceutical products in Quebec.

Product registration requires a fee. The prices are explained precisely by the significant improvements that have been made to its operation. Indeed, the AQPP’s Medication List, which will also soon be available on a brand new web portal, is updated on a weekly basis for products that are not on the RAMQ list, whereas previously this period varied between five and six weeks. In short, requests are now processed much faster, within 48 to 72 working hours of receipt.

As for the updates for products covered by the RAMQ, they continue according to the previous terms, which means according to the schedule established by INESSS. This explains why, if an update of the Régie takes place in the meantime, no publication is made for a period of 7 to 10 working days. The period in question extends more specifically from the transmission of the file to the developers until the RAMQ list becomes effective.

A trustworthy source

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The registration of new products or the modification of products already on the AQPP’s Medication List require certain criteria to be met to ensure that the information contained in it is accurate and in line with our values.

Of course, some information is needed from the manufacturers. They are detailed in the Formulaire DNP – NPI Form (download it here), which must be completed for a request to add a product to the AQPP’s List to be considered.

Once registered, the products appear on the List until further notice. The manufacturer remains responsible for notifying the AQPP of any modification to its products. However, the AQPP reserves the right to temporarily suspend any product with missing or unvalidated information.

Subscription or single registration formalities

Anyone who sees fit can subscribe to the AQPP’s Medication List, including software developers, chains and banners, pharmaceutical companies, and various plan takers.

In addition to consulting which drugs are reimbursed under the RGAM, the annual subscription, at a rate of $2,940.37 plus taxes for the year 2021-2022, allows you to:

  • Designate two users with continuous access to the AQPP’s List;
  • Receive all related communications (significant price changes, changes in structure, etc.);
  • Be on the lookout for new pharmaceutical products on the Quebec market;
  • Obtain informational or technical support as needed;
  • Register as many products as the manufacturer wishes during the validity of his subscription.

To read the terms and conditions or to complete the subscription form, please click here. It is also possible to add additional accesses, at a cost of $294.04 plus taxes (2021-2022 rate) each.

As for a manufacturer not wishing to contract an annual subscription, it is possible for him to pay only for the single registration of his product, that is a DIN and its associated formats, at the cost of $435.49 plus taxes (2021-2022 rate). However, this option does not give access to the AQPP’s List and its updates, despite one or more products being added to it on an ad hoc basis. To do this, simply complete the Formulaire DNP – NPI Form (download it here) and the Billing for the addition of a product.

Also, it is important to underline that all the rates mentioned above are subject to revision on August 1st of each year.

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