Currently, the distribution of medical cannabis is done outside the community pharmacy network. And yet, there are physiological consequences for patients using cannabis, just like any other medication, and it is being used for a broad range of indications, particularly for chronic pain sufferers (as a second-line or third-line treatment).

The AQPP believe that pharmacists are best suited to ensure sound therapy monitoring of cannabis used for medical purposes; the current system does not meet the clinical expectations and required safety standards to protect the general public. In this perspective, patients must be provided with safe therapy monitoring through a healthcare professional.

64% of Canadians believe that a pharmacy is the most appropriate access point for cannabis for those using it to treat a disease.¹

Government intervention is required in order to authorize distribution through community pharmacies.

  • Join initiative of the governments of Quebec and Canada
    This Quebec legislation might consist in an amendment to the Quebec Cannabis Regulation Act or an entirely separate act, along with regulatory adjustments in Canada.
  • Direct initiative of the government of Canada
    The federal government itself could authorize owner-pharmacists to handle the distribution of cannabis for medical purposes.

¹ Abacus Data, January 2019, CPhA Medical cannabis study among Canadian residents

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