What’s included in the professional fees?

They include four different components: 

  • Pharmaceutical evaluation: validation of the prescription, analysis of your patient file and counselling services 
  • Preparation and verification of the medication 
  • Professional responsibility for monitoring drug therapy throughout the course of treatment 
  • Operating expenditures * 

These are the pharmacy’s operating expenses, which enable it to deliver readily accessible, high-quality service, which includes extended opening hours. They include salaries, inventory costs, rent, computer equipment, specialized devices, electricity, and financial charges, among others. These are expenses that any business needs to cover. 

Therefore, the professional fees that you see on the invoice do not represent the net profit or the owner-pharmacist’s salary. 

It is important to note that both the cost price of the drug and the amount paid to the distributor, listed on the invoice, are the actual prices the pharmacist pays. Consequently, these amounts do not include a profit margin for the pharmacy. 

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