1.Terms of use

Welcome to the AQPP website (monpharmacien.ca). This website includes both the “Public Portal” and “Pharmacist Portal” (collectively referred to as “the Website”). The Pharmacist Portal is dedicated solely to our members. Both the Website and the portal dedicated to our members belong to the AQPP. By using this Website, all users are bound by the following terms of use. If you do not agree to comply with these terms, please exit this Website. Please note that these terms may be changed, through a Website update, at all times and without notice.

The Website is accessible to all users, save for sections reserved for AQPP members.


The content and form of the Website are protected by copyright and under Quebec, Canadian and international intellectual property laws. All information found on the Website is the property of the AQPP. Any and all information found in sections reserved and meant for AQPP members is designed to provide information and education. All AQPP logos, advice, information, tools, reports, presentations and any other videos, images or written material found on the Website are the property of the AQPP and may not be reproduced, by any means, published, circulated or used without prior authorization from the AQPP corporate secretary (affairesjuridiques@aqpp.qc.ca). Terms of use or reproduction may be imposed by the AQPP and must be strictly adhered to. Among other things, users of this Website are strictly forbidden to sell or modify, for public or commercial purposes, any and all AQPP logos, advice, information, tools, reports, presentations and any other videos, images or written material included, expressed or made available on the Website.

3.Limitation of responsibility

Though the AQPP shall use reasonable efforts to keep its Website up to date, it cannot attest that all information on its Website is error-free, reliable or up to date at all times. The AQPP cannot be held responsible for any liabilities arising out of the use of the Website. The AQPP does not guarantee uninterrupted access to the Website or the content of the hyperlinks and e-mail links offered on its Website.

Despite having carefully selected its partners, the AQPP accepts no responsibility with regard to the hyperlinks published on its Website.

Though the AQPP takes all reasonable measures at its disposal so as to ensure the Website’s security and the protection of personal information on secure areas of the Website, it cannot be held responsible for Internet usage or for any problems it may entail, nor for the alteration of personal information or a breach in security or the loss of information when the latter is being transmitted by the user or when using secure areas of the Website.

The AQPP reserves the right to update its Website at such time as it deems necessary.

4.Security and confidentiality

The AQPP has put in place security measures and safeguards to ensure the security of the Website and to protect personal information on secure areas of its Website, in accordance with industry standards. Only authorized AQPP personnel are given access to the personal information collected on the Website, for the sole purpose of providing services to our members. This information is collected to help identify users of the Website or to allow users of the Website to make payments. When users provide their personal information, they do so freely and voluntarily. The AQPP undertakes not to disclose any personal information nor to make them available in any other manner to third parties without the prior explicit consent of the user.

To access the Pharmacist Portal and the Mon Dossier Portal, in order to gain access to a service, users must identify themselves using their user code and password. Users must keep their password safe. Should a user discover an unauthorized use of their user code or password, or become aware that there has been a security or confidentiality breach with respect to their personal information, they must contact the webmaster (info@aqpp.qc.ca). It is the responsibility of the webmaster to take all necessary precautions to ensure that access to services provided by the AQPP is available under optimum security conditions.

The AQPP is not responsible for any loss or damage arising from a user’s failure to comply with one of the obligations set out in this section.

In the event of a payment, prices are listed on the Website in Canadian dollars and are subject to provincial and federal sales taxes, where applicable. Posted prices may be reviewed by the AQPP at its sole discretion and without prior notice. It may also update, change or readjust the prices of products and services listed on its Website.

Should the AQPP want to undertake an analysis of Website usage, it will use cookies to record certain user behaviours, such as the number of visits, which pages were visited and the time spent on the Website. All data remains anonymous and cannot reveal a user’s identity. The AQPP may use this data for the sole purpose of improving the Website and its services based on the needs of its users.


The design and content of this Website are protected by copyright and Quebec, Canadian and international laws. Any dispute relating to the use of this Website must be brought before a court of the judicial district of Montréal.