Why do professional fees vary from one pharmacy to the next? And even from one outlet of the same pharmacy banner or chain to another?

Every pharmacy is an independent business. Fees are established based on the specifics of a pharmacy’s business and the expenses it must shoulder to remain accessible to its patients and continue delivering high-quality services. 

First and foremost, it is important to inform yourself: choose your pharmacist and pharmacy based on the professional services they provide rather than a prescription drug’s price. The quality of services provided and your personal relationship with the pharmacist are important factors to consider when choosing a pharmacy, along with its opening hours and distance from your home or workplace. 

In fact, to ensure your safety, it is strongly recommended that you always go to the same pharmacy. This allows your pharmacist to access all the information he recorded previously in your patient record, which in turn ensures he can provide the best possible monitoring of your drug therapy. 

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