The owner-pharmacist must ensure that his business is successful. He plays many roles all at once, among which pharmacist and business owner. To be a successful businessman, the owner-pharmacist must become much more than a healthcare professional. Beyond his obligations toward his patients, he must carry out his administrative duties and fulfill his financial commitments.

More than a healthcare professional, an owner-pharmacist is a business owner as well!

He is responsible for the overall management of the following:

  • Inventory
  • Material resources (computer equipment, specialized devices, etc.)
  • Financial resources
  • Marketing and merchandising 
  • Human resources (schedules, benefits, wages, etc.)

He oversees work organization and ensures that laws are upheld (civil, legal and professional liabilities) such as: 

  • The Act respecting occupational health and safety (CSST)
  • The Labour Code
  • The Pharmacy Act
  • The Health Insurance Act
  • The Act respecting prescription drug insurance

He develops his managerial skills toward:

  • Setting clear objectives and providing the means to achieve them
  • Acknowledging his strengths and weaknesses, and knowing how to delegate
  • Promoting diversity within his personnel so as to benefit from the abilities of all concerned
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