The forms listed below are those required by the AQPP for the registration of new members and to complete a pharmacy transaction.

The original documents, duly signed, must be sent to the Association’s office at least one week prior to the effective date of said transaction.

All forms are interactive and downloadable (in french).

New member

* Membership fees ($517.39), payable by cheque or money order

Opening of a pharmacy, association / dissociation, relocation and purchase

* The Solemn affirmation of property must be signed by a commissioner of oaths, a lawyer or notary, and must be filled out by each owner.

Sale – No document expected by the seller

Closing and incorporation / disincorporation – No document expected from the owners

RAMQ form

Form 3622 is mandatory when opening, buying or selling a pharmacy, when the association or dissociation of a pharmacy takes place, and when there is a change to a company’s name. The RAMQ will only be authorized to communicate with your software developer once the appropriate form has been received. It is therefore important to send Form 3622 to the RAMQ as soon as possible.

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