An accessible professional

Often, the pharmacy is a gateway to the health system. You can meet your pharmacist without an appointment. And there’s no waiting list!

Your pharmacist is a health professional who is available for you. He takes the time to listen to you and advise you. He has your file on hand and follows your health closely. The best way of ensuring that your medication is effective is a close follow-up.

You can also count on your pharmacist’s advice on many health-related issues, such as the flu, seasonal allergies, muscle pain—not to mention children’s cuts and scrapes! In many cases, all it takes is a simple visit to your pharmacy.

Did you know?

People in Quebec consult their pharmacist an average of 9.6 times a year.

A custom follow-up

Your pharmacist does more than just give you the medications prescribed by your doctor. He advises you on their use, possible side effects and any contraindications, which he knows in-depth, and can help you to better manage your treatment plan and to achieve the goals set by your doctor.

Close follow-ups allow your pharmacist to:

  • Rapidly detect adverse effects or lack of effectiveness;
  • Make adjustments so you do not take drugs unnecessarily.

Tip # 3 Your experience

If you experience side effects, tell your pharmacist—he can advise you on how to take your medications, adjust your dosage or call your doctor to discuss a change in medication.

Personalized appointments

A pharmacist’s flexible work schedule usually makes it possible for you to receive a private consultation in his office at a time that suits you best. This will help you to avoid unnecessary wait times at a clinic or hospital emergency room.

It can be:

  • A one-time intervention: for example, to teach you how to better control your asthma, or to conduct a complete review of your or a family member’s medication.
  • A regular follow-up in the longer term: for example, to monitor your medication for lowering your cholesterol levels or controlling your blood pressure.

Tip # 4 Come visit us!

Your pharmacist is there to listen to you and advise you. Make an appointment with him to discuss your health and find appropriate solutions. It’s a customized appointment at minimal cost that will save you time, raise your quality of life and bring you peace of mind.