An accessible professional, on the front line of health care

Your pharmacist is a healthcare professional who is available and takes the time to listen and give you advice. He has your file and keeps a watchful eye on your health. Careful monitoring is the best solution to see that your medications are effective.

In fact, your pharmacist has the authority to adjust or extend your prescription so that the treatment is not interrupted. You can also count on him to help soothe many ailments, avoiding the need to consult other healthcare professionals, as your pharmacist can prescribe medications for some minor conditions: mild acne, allergic conjunctivitis, eczema, hemorrhoids, recent urinary tract infections for women, allergic rhinitis, menstrual pain, pregnancy-related nausea and vomiting, prevention of traveller’s diarrhea or malaria, smoking cessation, yeast infections, cold sores, menstrual pain, lice, emergency oral contraception, etc.

Oftentimes, you simply need to visit your pharmacy: it’s that easy.

Did you know?

Over 1 million Quebec residents consult with their pharmacist each week.

An expert in medication

A pharmacist is a medication specialist. To receive this certification, he must have completed a four-year pharmacy degree. Your pharmacist’s mission is to help you get the benefits from your medications while ensuring your safety and comfort. His professional responsibility ensures the safety of your treatment.

Your pharmacist does much more than give you the medications prescribed by your doctor. He gives you sound advice about their use, possible side effects and contraindications thanks to his in-depth knowledge. He can help you better manage your treatment plan and achieve the goals set out by your physician. Each day, your pharmacist must juggle with over 10,000 medications, 4,000 vitamins and natural health products, 11,000 possible side effects and 6,000 contraindications!

Customized follow-ups

Your pharmacist provides a wide range of services and follow-ups for drug therapies, particularly for chronic diseases (hypertension, diabetes, etc.). When needed, your pharmacist can communicate with your doctor or other healthcare professionals to ensure that your treatment is a perfect fit for you.

Should you experience any side effects, let your pharmacist know: he will provide you with sound advice on how to take your medication, adjust the dosage or call your doctor to discuss a change in medication, and make any necessary adjustments to ensure that you are not taking unnecessary medication.

Personalized appointments

Thanks to your pharmacy’s flexible opening hours, your pharmacist can usually provide you with a private consultation, in his office, when it suits you best. This will allow you to avoid unnecessary waiting at a medical clinic or in an emergency room.

An appointment might be made for:

  • a one-time intervention, such as teaching you how to better control your asthma, or to do a complete review of your medication or a loved one’s medication.
  • follow-ups over a longer period of time, to help control the medication taken to lower your cholesterol level or control your blood pressure, for instance.

Your pharmacist is there to advise you. Make an appointment to talk about your health and find appropriate solutions. A personalized appointment that helps you save time and gain peace of mind as well as enhance your quality of life.

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