He helps you manage all aspects of your treatment, working closely with your doctor.

Your pharmacy’s services in this regard offer several advantages:

  • You get your INR test results faster.
  • Your medication dose is adjusted in short order.
  • You avoid waiting at a clinic or hospital.
  • You benefit from professional support tailored to your needs.
  • All your questions will be more readily answered.
  • You know immediately what to do in case of an emergency.

With your pharmacist’s help, your treatment is easier than ever. Your close relationship with your pharmacist, as well as his availability, is undoubtedly a major asset to your well-being. His role is to streamline your treatment, which helps you save valuable time.

Your pharmacist is your ally

Your pharmacist can help you at every step of your treatment. You can ask him for advice should the need arise.

  • Based on your results, your pharmacist may adjust the dose of your medicine.
  • Should the pharmacist deem it necessary to adjust your medicine to reach your doctor’s goal, he will let you know.
  • He will check your state of health and ensure that they are no specific factors which might be affecting your test results.
  • He will plan your medication schedule. He will set your next appointment and answer all your questions.
  • He will adjust your prescription, reorganize your pillbox if necessary and help you use your treatment diary.

Quick tips to optimize your treatment:

  • Tell your pharmacist of any change in your condition: a change in diet, if you started or stopped taking a medication (prescribed or over-the-counter) or natural health product, bleeding, fatigue, allergic reactions, etc.
  • Take your medicine as prescribed and at the recommended time.
  • Tell your pharmacist how easy or difficult following your treatment is (error or forgotten doses).
  • Inform the pharmacist, physician or any other person providing you with health-related care that you are being treated with warfarin.
  • Fill out your treatment diary each day and take it to your meetings with the pharmacist.

Your pharmacist is a recognized healthcare professional. He will provide you with sound advice toward the proper use of the medication: don’t hesitate, ask any questions you may have. 

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